The Benefits of Having Your Website in Multiple Languages

Multilingual Web Design

We now live in a time when our first instinct is to turn to the web whenever we’re considering buying something. We perform an online search on the brand or go directly to the company’s website.

Even when other people make recommendations via peer-to-peer marketing, the default reaction for most people still is to look it up online. What do you think happens when the potential customer ends up on a site that they can’t understand because it’s in a different language? Do they force themselves to navigate the website or do they give up and find something else they can relate to?

Human behavior can often be predictable, and we know that most people will simply move on. Because the majority of consumers rely on their smartphones and mobile devices to help them with their purchasing decisions, any business that wants to remain competitive should have a website that is ready to welcome a global market.

Your potential customers could be from anywhere in the world and without the ability to communicate with them through your website, you lose their interest. Here are the benefits of having a website available in multiple languages:

Boost in Sales

Website localization helps increase revenues. When potential consumers find the information they need from your site, they’re more likely to convert from prospects into paying customers. And when your website is multilingual, you enjoy a wider audience which ultimately means more customers.

Perform Better in Online Searches

With a website that comes in multiple languages, you improve your chances of getting found in a search. Google Search alone is available in 123 languages. The majority of people use their native language when they perform their searches. We’re not saying that your website should be localized for all 123 languages, but it should at least be available in the major languages around the world or at least the ones that are most relevant to your company.

Most people who are bilingual or multilingual will often speak one major language and one or two others that aren’t so common. Surprisingly to many, English is not always one of those main languages that many multilingual people speak.

Create and Improve Brand Awareness

By limiting your website to one language, you’re also limiting exposure to your company. When your site is available in multiple languages, you attract the attention of an international market. You also become identified as a global brand which elevates your status and improves your reputation. Consumers tend to trust global brands more than ones that are only known locally.

Effective Communications and Marketing Tool

The goal of marketing is to gain more customers and develop relationships. By having a website that is available in multiple languages, you can attract new customers and tap into a whole new market that you would have had trouble engaging if your website was stuck with just one language.

As mentioned, you don’t need to offer all the languages of the world on your website. Your own market research will allow you to identify which key languages are most relevant to your industry. The website translation service you work with to globalize your website will assess your language goals, develop a plan to help you increase engagement, and meet your business goals.

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