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Claudio di Persia Cinema Itatly
Italian Film Festival
Claudio di Persia
Miami - Atlanta & Puerto Rico

For years my organization bounced from one web designer to the next each with his/her own design and concept but all with a continuous need for updating, modifying, reconfiguring and, most importantly, charging. Never big charges but a profusion of small ones that added up at the end of the year.

Still our website did not do what we needed: to inform in a timely manner our audiences of upcoming events, to be easily updated on a daily basis to keep our audience coming back, to provide easy and instinctive navigation even for people that are not computer savvy, to be rich and elegant in graphics, colors and animations and, most importantly, to be modifiable by me, with my extremely limited computer knowledge, without need for external help with the associated time delays and charges that are customary.

To find this website “Nirvana” we contracted with companies as far as Italy that promised revolutionary new systems and techniques but never delivered until we found you and RedCat Studios. With a fraction of the money spent during our two years of search for the perfect web designer we now have the most complete and satisfying website experience imaginable. With my extremely limited computer knowledge I update our site daily, with pictures, links and information that is fresh and of interest to our audience.

Now there is a continuous flow of visitors in search of relevant and new information about our events, Italian Cinema, our photo galleries, advance screenings, free classic films and others that fulfill the original concept of the internet; to be able to communicate instantly and compellingly any news and information as needed. You have designed a marvelous tool, anticipating our current and future needs; you are always available for consulting and to add additional features; you are professional, respect deadlines and your product requires minimum retooling after delivery. Our site has become our main communication tool and we get continuous positive feedback from our Sponsor and from the audience.

I owe our success, in no small part, to you. Thank you for three years of flawless performance. You are the best I know and I have continuously recommended your services to friends and business associates.

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