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Karen Kennedy Fitness
Karen Kennedy Fitness
Karen Kennedy
Founder - CEO

I attended a “mind, body, fitness & branding” event where the Founder of Red Cat Studios, Aymee Vasquez, stood up and succinctly introduced herself as a graphic designer and builder of custom WordPress websites. If you possess an ounce of entrepreneurial discipline and the ability to articulate and construct an outline of who you are, what you do and what drives your why to do “X” as a business, do not hesitate to engage Red Cat Studios as your WordPress Website builder. One year after meeting Ms. Vasquez, I was a health care executive by day and influencing 14% of the worlds healthy fitness choices under the brand Karen Kennedy’s Fearlessly Committed to Fitness (without trying).

Four years later, I presented a hybrid version to blend the brands into a health, fitness and SUP business to help people become their personal best regardless of the chassis they are on. Red Cat Studios pulled creative out of me that I did not have the time to dream and brought it to life. She has experience and contacts in media, healthcare, real estate and logo design.

In business, there are people who you connect with an there are people who connect you with your vision, mission and brand(s). RedCat Studios is that company, with a network and a leader that knows how to delegate, listen and deliver beyond your own vision.

P.S. don’t hesitate to upgrade your existing WordPress site to be dynamic and SSL Secure! Red Cat Studios will keep you current on the latest, innovations, integrations, etc., simply put: Red Cat already did the work(research), hire them to get you working at what you love to do too.

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