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  • PeekPro activity scheduling system integration
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  • PeekPro activity scheduling system integration
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  • PeekPro activity scheduling system integration

iPaddle Miami

This Kayak & Stand Up Paddle reservation and touring company was in need of a WordPress web site redesign. Not just that, but their Google presence was very weak, they lacked Organic SEO and needed a better integration for PeekPro online reservation system. The new WordPress web site redesign not only made the site look better with a smart slick design, but the addition of Organic SEO made the web site pop top on Google. The new PeekPro integration booking activity scheduling system made the web site do all the work for them, saving them time on phone and money.

They also wanted to sell merchandise online but they did not want to get involved with inventory and shipping. We came up with the perfect solution and added a brand new WooCommerce shopping cart with amazing company gear using Printful so they did not have to worry about inventory and shipping. The online is helping the client made residual profits from the online store sales without the responsibly of inventory and shipping; the web site simply rocks!!

Thanks iPaddle for letting us do this awesome redesign for you!

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